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Becoming a Member
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We are always looking for Women Singers who are interested in singing with us.

Who Can Join?

We welcome all singers, not only the expert but also those who can just sing a melody line.  You don’t have to read music, either.  We provide both written music and audio “learning tapes” for those who learn by listening.

What can I expect when I visit?

On your first visit our director will meet with you briefly to take a vocal profile, also called "voice placement".  This helps her to determine the range of your voice and the part you will sing (tenor, lead, baritone, or bass).  Then she'll show you where to stand on the risers.


You will be given a notebook of music to use during rehearsal.  If you enjoy your experience with Windsong and are interested in taking music home to work on during the week, you may do so after paying a small deposit.  The music librarian will help you with this.


When you have learned and become comfortable with one of the the songs in your notebook (usually 3 to 4 weeks), let the director know that you are ready to audition.  You will need to bring a hand-held tape recorder and a blank audio tape (2 1/2 inch by 4 inch), labeled with your name and phone number.  You will sing your part with the chorus, holding the tape recorder near your mouth to record your voice as you sing.  Your section leader will listen to your tape and let you know if you have passed your audition.  If this sounds a bit scary, relax!  Everyone is looking at the director while singing - so don't worry about being the object of all eyes.


Once you have passed your audition, one of the membership committee will give you a membership application form to complete.  You will be asked to include a check to cover International, Regional and Chapter dues when you submit the application.


Next, the management team approves your membership application and recommends you for membership approval.  Your application is then taken to the chorus membership for a vote.  You will be told of the election results that evening.


Once you have been accepted as a member of our chorus, your Membership Application, International dues, and Regional dues will be processed.  You will receive a membership card from Sweet Adelines International.


Time Commitment


Chorus members attend rehearsals every Thursday evening.  While we do not require perfect attendance, chorus members are expected to attend as many of the rehearsals as their schedules will permit.  Attendance is especially important before contest and shows.  Rehearsals start at 7:00 pm and last until 9:30 pm.  Some weeks we have activities that start earlier and sometimes we may have special activities that run later.


During preparations for competition or shows we may occasionally have special choreography or sectional rehearsals at 6:00 or 6:30 pm. 


Special rehearsals and meetings are announced at rehearsal, published in our monthly newsletter, and listed on the Calendar page of this website.

Financial Obligations


Members pay International, Regional, and Chapter dues.  International, Regional and Chapter dues must be included when you turn in your application for membership. 


Windsong members are encouraged to use a chorus escrow account to pay their dues and other expenses.  Small or large deposits may be made at any time into your escrow account to ensure that you have funds available when needed.  In order to retain full membership rights, dues must be kept current.


You will also incur costume and make-up expenses.  Our major costumes are owned by the chorus and are provided for your use while you are a member.  Other costume elements and accessories are purchased by the members.  These vary, depending on which costumes the chorus is using.  Members of our visual team will help you with costuming and make-up needs.


Members are encouraged to invest in a small recorder to use at rehearsal.  Recording rehearsal is a valuable tool in learning our music.


There may be additional costs for travel, food and lodging at contests, Regional workshops, and other events.

Contact us at 970-554-0626 or
Windsong Chorus of Sweet Adelines International * Sterling * Colorado * 80751